Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where is home ?

I was reading Tharini's post on what to call home and a question stuck me. I know some of the mothers that contribute to the DMC blog were themselves brought up in a different land than where their parents were. So what were the challenges you faced growing up ? What do you call your home ? Did you ever feel out of place ? If you know someone that has been brought up in a similar environment, it would be great to tell their stories too . Would love to hear more on this topic, so I can be better prepared to handle situations as my kid grows up.....


Asha said...

Hi Dee, great to see you here!:)
"Home is where the Heart is" really! Mine is right here in US where my husband and kids are. This is my home. Yes, I was born and raised in India for the first 26yrs but now, I think India as my parents' home. I do miss some things about India but mostly I am quite happy here.
If you ask my kids who are born outside India, you will get a very definite answer. USA is their home and they are very proud of their country.
I am more likely to be torn between both countries more than my kids and husband. When they show unfair things about India, I do get angry and frustrated but not my kids! That tells you something. If somebody asks where my loyalty is, it's hard to answer that. I guess I have to be where my kids are eventually! It's tough for us adults than for our kids!!!:)

Sandeepa(Bong Mom's CookBook/DesiMomzClub) said...

I just read Tharini's post and was left wandering.
While growing up we moved towns/cities several times but it was always within India, it would be another state, another language, that is it.
It didn't bother me much except that I missed my friends and would loose touch with them gradually after every move.

Now that I think back I cherish some of those places more than others, there is one particular small town I remember the most and dream of it even now, though we never went back there after Std. X1.

Again, now though my parents are settled in Calcutta, I don't feel as much passion for the city as i should. I love the place only because my parents are there.

I think for me any place is home as long as I have my near ones around me.

Dee said...

@asha : you're inputs are certainly very valuable esp. as I see myself in your shoes a few years down the line :) Looks like the kids are clear in their thinking and the confusion is only ours . Balance is a very easy word to say but very tricky to follow I guess. I only hope Chintu will be confident about his identity growing up:)

Dee said...

@Sandeepa : yes, I can relate to you on that. Though my mother tongue is Tamil, I was brought up in B'lore more of my childhood. I moved to Chennai for college and it was a new world to me. I first hated Chennai and then began loving it!
I guess only time will tell how my son will identify himself. In the meanwhile, hope I provide him a very emotionally healthy palce to grow :)

Tharini said...

Dear Dee :
Someone left a comment on my blog today for this post. And I finally resonated with that goes like this...
"home" is that place that allows you some rest and peace for a while.. And can never be a "constant" concept.

I liked what she said about it not being a constant concept. With the world becoming smaller, and everyone living around the globe, perhaps this is what we can best get reconciled to...?

Dee said...

How true Tharini...incidentally, I was listening to a lecture on Kathopanishad this week, and it speaks exactly about this...that change is inevitable, so instead of fighting it, flow with it. The reconciliation part is going to take maturity from my side:)