Friday, March 7, 2008

The first baby step

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I have recently been added to DMC and wanted to say a quick hello to all.

I am a first time mom to a 22 months old girl Genie (her nickname), living in Mumbai with my hubby and IL's (in-laws).

After a sabbatical of 16 months with freelancing and part time work thrown in, i have recently (nov 2007) started working full time and will go back to being a SAHM from April. I will be studying from this April for a period of 3 months (basically upgrading my skill sets).

My life's journey till i met my DH (darling hubby) with more of downs and less of ups and now the metamorphosis from being a workaholic to happily married mom has just been great. I wrote my first blog on 11th Feb 2008 after being inspired by a year old Mommy Blogging article in LiveMint. Previously i used to read loads of fictions (mysteries, thrillers, family drama) and now my reading comprise of Good Housekeeping, a really excellent mag for all genders. I loved reading Jhumpa Lahri's Namesake.

My kiddo - Genie is a cherubic girl, full of life, constantly moving, running, jumping all over the place, never still except when she is asleep :). Genie's terrible twos started this Jan and being the most impatient mom, i do spank her (hubby & IL's hate spanking, but i just can't help it).

I will end this post this quote - for all the parents... I don't how i stumbled upon this one.

"Parenting, at its best, comes as naturally as laughter. It is automatic, involuntary, unconditional love."


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Welcome aboard, and one more mommy blogger for our next mommy blogger mumbai meet...