Monday, March 10, 2008

Mommnesia is fine but Mommania is embarassing

Momnesia blog post was very enjoyable. That reminded me of one of the embarassing situations I have been in.

We were setting up the kitchen for our new Calcutta home. Hence a visit to the utensil store was all but necessary to buy the basic cooking utensils. The shop was all but swanky. Resembled more like a wholesale dealer's warehouse than a shop. When we entered, me, Mom in law and my son little R, there was barely place to stand. Three or four rickety stools were kept for the customers, already occupied. My son was already pretty irritated with the sweaty summer heat and hence was irritated. But he as always decided to express his irritation by irritating others.

And the most potent way to irritate me is by constantly humming some odd tune(or out of tune). But since the shop was too small, and with each one breathing on the other, I spoke under my breath and scolded him, "Don't hum.."

I then continued struggling to get attention of the reluctant sales man and get my stuff. All of a sudden saw a newly wed girl(rather boyish) looking wide eyed at me. Confused, I settled my eyes on her.... and so she spoke. She said, " Excuse me Ma'am. You scolded him for humming... but he did not hum. It was me"

I really did not know which way to run or vanish!...Height of embarassment I faced that day


indosungod said...

that is funny! :) oh the joys of parenthood ;)

Angel... said...

Thats such a lovely post...I like reading it.

Have a good day!

mummyjaan said...

Ok, that was funny!

Roopa Unnikrishnan said...

fells like something I'd do -grin-

Sandeepa said...

Ha should have told her "The rule still applies :)"