Monday, March 24, 2008

The right schools

Thought I'd follow up on the great article on choosing schools from earlier last week by RainbowDays (sorry, I don't know the author's name yet!) I received a note from the folks who put together the following site (aimed at US parents):

"The site has a listing of 140K US schools; public/private/elementary/ middle/ high. Site is all free and enables you to research and compare all US schools; test scores, maps, ratings etc.
We integrated virtual earth/live maps from Microsoft: "

Really interesting, and combined with a bunch of other parent-focused sites can help with making some school choices. Not sure if there are Indian resources like this out there?



Dee said...

thanks for the info...will be using it in a few years ...

Roopa Unnikrishnan said...

Good luck, Dee.