Friday, March 7, 2008

So that's what it is!

Hiya, all.

I read this article today on mnbc, which discusses the forgetfulness many moms experience after having children, and found it very interesting.

I was particularly tickled by the one where 'mom' cut up her husband's grilled chicken into tiny little pieces 'because that's what a mom does'. Right? Right :). I very nearly did that to my husband's omelette this morning.

"There’s probably not a new mother alive who can’t identify and share a smile with Andi Silverman’s stories of memory lapses. Like the time she went shopping and left her groceries in the store. Or when she went on vacation with her two small children and forgot the diapers.

With two toddler sons, Nate, 3, and Teddy, 2, commanding her total attention, this kind of forgetfulness is to be expected, say medical experts. They even have a name for it — “momnesia.”

“It’s a state of the female brain that is a bit forgetful after she’s had a baby,” Dr. Louann Brizendine told TODAY correspondent Savannah Guthrie."

So that's the word - momnesia !


Roopa Unnikrishnan said...

I've found myself being mom in odd situations. I remember walking into an evening meeting with my boss's boss, and he was eating popcorn - having missed lunch and dinner. First, I tut-tutted, then when he started to chew on the unpopped kernels as I was discussing a business issue, I found myself saying..."that's not good for your teeth." He said "hey, you're not my mom!!"

mummyjaan said...

The things moms end up doing - without realizing it, right?