Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Testing Lead in Toys

How do you test for Lead in your kids' toys? I did see a few at home testers online. Has anyone used them ? Any recommendations ?


Angel... said...

Sorry I have really no idea...as I don't have kids right now I just got married last year.

Well wants to be a mother soon then I will ask you and you will be more experienced..

see thats the good part.. haha


jeremy said...

There are 3 ways to test for lead in toys:
1. There is a swab you can purchase from most hardware stores. $5 for 2 test. CPSC released their results and more often then not they were incorrect

2. Send your toys in for testing at a lab. Typically it will cost $30 per item and you wont get it back. It is destroyed in the process.

3. XRF Testing. I run a business,www.exposinglead.com, where we come to your home and test for lead on-site. XRF is an accepted method for testing for lead in toys and we are non-destructive and have immediate results. $149 per hour and we test up to 100 toys per hour.