Friday, March 7, 2008

Theme for March'08

(This post by Sandeepa)

Thanks to Poppin's Mom for the "love" ly Feb Theme and thanks to all who participated. It sure did help us Moms to write about our strengths and hear others.

This month’s theme stems off from Kiran’s Nursery post some days back and the fact that getting into a nursery school in the bigger cities in India is still a harrowing and expensive experience. Add to this, the pressure on the small child and the whole rigmarole he/she has to go through.

Contrast it to the US where the good daycares/ pre-schools are expensive, though getting in is not a big deal and then education comes easy & free in shape of public schools and “no child left behind” where every child is treated on the same footing and given same opportunity. But there is a small catch though, there are better school districts and not so good school districts. So though you do not pay anything for the public school, depending on all the other factors that chalk up the house price, the rank of the school district adds a further notch to it.

Yes there are preppy private schools but the public schools usually provide pretty good & standard education.

However, the good point I see here is that that the child does not have to bear the brunt or pressure of any of this though as a parent you might have some decisions to make.

As a parent at some point during your child’s toddler years, you have to decide on “Which daycare/Which Pre School/ Which Kindergarten”

Most of us have made some decisions or would do so soon and I would like you to discuss – “Why you decided on a certain Pre School/ School for your child “

What was it that made you think this would be the place where your child would be happy and you would be happy?

When given a choice of schools, where your child starts kindergarten, what are the factors you think are of more importance, the education, the class demography, the activities, the school for rich & famous, what is it?

Do you really think, that the "right" school matters, or the whole thing is hyped these days ? Afterall admissions were never a nightmare when we were that age.

How is the whole “getting into kindergarten/nursery” process in your part of the world ? Would be interesting to hear about Ireland from Mummyjaan and Dutchland from DR and other Moms out there.

So here is Theme for March’08 – “Is this the Right School, baby??”

Substitute school, with pre-school or even daycare as your case might be

Please post during the month of March and don’t forget to tag with “Theme for March’08”


scribblermom said...
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scribblermom said...


Nice theme for the month.

Will write a post soon as my lil one will start school soon :)


Tharini said...

I wrote something about the way I chose Winkie's school quite a while back in my blog. I'd love to share that here!

Pallavi said...

Thats the perfect theme for me this month. I am actually in the process of shortlisting the daycare/preschools for my 2 1/2 yr old.