Friday, April 25, 2008

Why I want a second one

Cross posted by Trishna at My Sunshine

First off,lovely theme,Mummyjaan. Its the perfect theme for me,since,I spent this entire month,thinking of my sister,M and eagerly anticipating her visit and she arrives tomorrow.
I am also really looking forward to hearing from mommies with 2 or more kids. As most of you know,I am one of the other mommies,one of those who are still enjoying the precious first one. But,one thing I am sure of,I want a second one. And I was sure of this even before having Aadya. And friends and cousins would tease me,"Oh wait till you have one..And then,you'd say I am DONE!" Funnily,I am not. Every time I see a mommy walking by with two kids,I picture Aadya with her younger brother or sister..and the image makes me smile.
If I think seriously,why I want two-I think it is most definitely because of the relationship I share with M. We are like normal sisters and that means a lot of bickering,a lot of cribbing..but that also means a lot of caring and a lot of love. More than anything else,I know,she will be there for me,whenever I need her.And that is really reassuring. That is what every parent wants for their child,that steady person,in his or her life,whom they can depend on without hesitation.
We had our share of sibling rivalry too.I didn't particularly like being the responsible one, watching over my baby-sister all the time. But,I couldn't stand it if someone tried to pick on her. Then,I would turn defensive and hit out at the said person. Slowly over the years,roles have changed and she is the responsible one and I get to be the baby..that I like :)
That's the kind of sibling,I want for Aadya,someone she can fight with..but run right back to.Someone whom she can call up,when we are old and senile and giving her a hard time about her new Boy-friend. Sure they will have their rough patches and sure there will be days,when I will be pulling my hair off and ready to give them both up for adoption, but there will be also be double hugs and not to mention,comfort in the knowledge,that they will have each other,after we are dead and gone. I sometimes wonder though,how will I manage a new born and Aadya both together and then,I think of M, again. So many years of my life,I begrudgingly sharing my room with her and now,I would give anything to share a room with her again..Strange are the ways of life.
One episode from our childhood,always stands out in memory and I would like to share that with you,before I go.
M was always sick as a child.She used to have prolonged bouts of Asthama and she had to be kept indoors,all the time. So,when I got ready to go out and play,my mom would change her clothes and dress her up smartly too. And then,M would take her regular position by the window. One time we were playing catch and the boy,who was chasing,ran up to me and grabbed me..I tried to run away,and he pushed me and I fell down.In the heat of the game,I still wanted to escape and he tried to stop me by almost sitting on me. We were around 5-6years old and li'l M around 3-4 and she saw this. And she started screaming.."Leave my sister","Don't do anything to her".. She was so angry, she was holding the window rails,gnawing teeth,screaming non-stop,till my mom finally came and picked her up and pacified her.
Every time,we had a fight,my mom used to remind us of this episode and we would promptly make up..Even now,when I think of it,I can't help but smile.
I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and spending some quality time with her..and all of you,out there,keep your fingers crossed and send up a little prayer for Aadya to get a loving sibling like her auntie M.

Oh and here is the post, I wrote about her,almost one year back.


Sandeepa said...

That is such a sweet post Trishna. I am sure Adya will be a good elder sis to the second one too.

Have a great time with your sis

mummyjaan said...

Thanks for posting, Trishna. Sisterly love (or brotherly love, too of course) is a beautiful thing. Something I am learning to appreciate as I see my two children together. I was an only child and missed it :).

Look at me here, suggesting a theme and then disappearing! I'll put up my post too - which has been a draft for ages - there were a few trips that I had to take in April, and in the last few days, of course, I got very caught up with the 'riddling'.

Emaan said...

ya.. good luck to u..
my dad strictly tells my mom.. no more babies !

Sheetal said...

Lovely topic. I have always argued with so many persons over this and have now realised that we need a second one. It's fun to watch kids with sibling love and they learn lot of {sharing} in the process. I would love to hear more views.

Nice blog and bookmarked now. Found you through

Vidya said...

A very nice post, i can co-relate so much of it, having a sister/s leaves you with so many memories sometimes more than what you spent with your parents. I dont want my son to miss that out, trying to convince my husband over a second, lets see how that one goes..