Saturday, April 5, 2008

Theme for April 2008: Sibling Love

Theme for April 2008.

Hi, there, Desi Mommies!

Doing well? Good, I hope so.

Momnesia had me in its grip these past 4 days, and I needed a gentle prod from Sandeepa to announce this month's theme :).

Our friend Sogno had her second baby recently, and we know quite a few of the mommies around the desi blogosphere will be welcoming their second children in the coming months.

As we all know, life with a child is one thing, and life with more than one is a different story altogether. Two (just the parents) is company; three (with an energetic bundle between them) is a crowd; four is , perhaps .... a celebration! Or the perfect circle for Ring a ring 'o roses.

I grew up as an only child, and the close relationship between siblings is something I had only seen from a distance. I remember one of my classmates ranting about something her sister did, to end with a sigh, and then, "Brothers and sisters, can't live with them, can't live without them!" I remember being perplexed by it and not quite 'getting it'. Till now, when I see my own little ones prancing about, hand in hand. It has its pleasant moments; it has its challenges.

For me, the arrival of the second one put many thoughts and doubts in my mind - these challenging questions resurface every few days: how will I be able to lavish the same time and attention on the second one as I did on the first? how do I make them feel equally loved? how do I avoid favouritism?

For this month, I'd like the moms who have already had 2 (or more) to share their stories, helpful experiences and tips about life with two (or more) children. How did you welcome your second bundle into your home? How did your first little love take it? How and when did sibling rivalry present itself in your home and how did you tackle it? Or, how did you avoid it and what approach did you find helpful to prevent it?

That would leave out a lot of mommies who are enjoying their first one; I say, post anything related to brothers and sisters. A favourite childhood memory, perhaps. A special anecdote. Anything which celebrates the special bond between sister and sister, brother and sister, and brother and brother. (Or even not; rants welcome too).

So this time at Desi Momz, let's dedicate the month to Sibling Love.

(Please remember to label your post 'Theme for April 2008'.)

[This post is by Mummyjaan of Apya and Bubbu]


Sandeepa said...

Thanks MJ, looking forward to the entries

Poppins said...

I love this ! Nice idea MJ

jacky said...

Hi Iam Jai here, and this post is for ur April theme 2008 "sibling love":: I have been gifted with two kids early. My first daughter was just two years old when my second boy was born. So we were all excited and puzzled at the same time that how we r going to manage and what will be the effect on her little heart! But i have a very good,understanding and helping hubby and great wonderful parents.Without them i wouldnt have crossed all these stages,myself,easily.My hubby took great care of my daughter and when he had to go to UK for short projects i had my parents to give the attention and luv she needed.Since my case is daughter first,she simply adores her brother and takes good care of him too! She keeps patting him on the head right when he was born.But initially she was attracted towards his eyes and sometimes she would give him a nice slap or pull his hair all of a sudden.It maybe due to mere jealousy that people r concentrating on a newborn and doing all sorts of things to him alone!!! But it soon vanished from her and she started loving her brother and even would tell to me "mommy,i would take care of my brother myself".. now my daughter is 31/2 yrs and my son has turned two this feb.Now my son keeps fighting with her for whatever the thing she is playing with..she gives-up first.She says "Its ok ma no problem ma.." like that.When it gets too much we interfere otherwise they both carry on with themselves.

It all depends on the parents and if grandparents r there to help then its wonderful.Parents have to treat the siblings equally.Whenever u do something to ur kids u got to do it equally or in the same way and we shd try not to show a biased behaviour,even while talking.We got to keep encouraging the elder one too!

Ur blog is wonderful and i came to it thru another foodie blog.Since iam experiencing the same thing i just wanted to share it with u all.Iam totally new to blogosphere and iam hoping to increase my friends thru my blog and to share whatever the info i can, possibly give!Would visit ur site often.Thanks and bye.

bird's eye view said...

Hi MJ. I've already posted on this topic on my blog several times - it's a fun theme.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Food Allergies is an growing issue, not only in the number of children having them but also the different allergens that kids test positive to. I wrote a post about raising awareness on Food Allergies.

Padma said...

Padma said....
Hi this is Padma here , We have 2 boys , one is five years old and the younger is 21 months.Our lives gets too busy with them. They are fun , naugthy and also irritating sometimes (when we are really tired and they do not understand our NO's).
They play , fight and play. If we really need help my older one does takes care of my younger son.
Nowdays my younger one , is just copying his older brother. From trying to read a book, to trying to get on a bicycle.It just amazes us , how different both are.Sometimes our older one will treat his brother like a toy. At a given instance of time , they generally need the same thing. Based on who took first we pass it on. Sometimes let our younger son get whatever he wants , but then we get scared that he will get used to it so, try not do it everytime.We let him cry over it. My older sometimes hits my younger if he pulled something from him, so nowdays even the younger is copying him and beating him up.
We manage quite well, somedays its too tiring, somedays its fun.
Thanks for the chance , just to speak how out what I am thinking, its nice to see how other siblings get along.

Padma said...
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