Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chilling out during Summer holidays

This year we are feeling blessed. For two reasons, one simply because Delhi summer was too shortlived and we believe that monsoon has arrived this early (a first time in 108 years) Second reason is even more important one, my sonny R does not have to do any summer homework this year.

Summer holiday homework, is all but a child's job. As kids in grade 4 or 5, you are expected to do a 'reading' of one of the Charlie series books of Roald Dahl, or may be Ruskin Bond and then do a book review, along with summarising the key characters. Then the same has to be put together in a project format with drawings, pictures etc etc.

Ha ha .... this was just the English. For Hindi you could be expected to write a short story, a funny 10 line poem, some ' chutkulen', etc, do some drawings to give every thing a book look with one's individuality.

Maths, Science, Social Studies and French to follow....

Summer months are always high load months for me in office. Over and above we load our weekends with zillion of mundane chores. With a topping of holiday homework, the usual holiday sundae taste yummy.

This year it has been a complete bliss from that end.But ambitious mom like me thought this is the time for forward moving.... I sound so much like a proffesional investor... forward trading, hedging, ....

My boy somehow has managed to survive my occasional attacks by doing things in spurts. He is learning fast to handle a Mom caught between, a 20 hr (8hrs in office+ 3-4 hrs of spillover during the other timebands trying to cope with my colleagues in UK, on one hand to Singapore on other.

Never the less we make a great team together, waiting for some day, where all the pain we take turns into a miracle called success.

When my boy was as young as 3 or 4 yrs of age, he used to find it very difficult to accept Dad being away on projects and therefore back home only once for a week of flyback after every 4 weeks.

I used to tell him a story which continues even today. It was about a bird family. Where the Mama and Papa bird are equally strong, intelligent and hard working. So they fly far from their parents home to a huge tall tree and make a nest. One day a small wonder of a little birdie is born to them. They are very happy with the little one.But they know now they need a bigger nest, more food for 3 of them...and Mama bird has to take care of the little birdie so she can not fly far nor stay away from nest for long. Therefore Papa bird has to fly to a far away country and come back occasionally with lot more food and straws to make a larger nest some day.

Now the birdie is strong enough, and knows how to fly, but is not adult yet. The bird family needs even more food and straws for a bigger nest. Papa bird works hard and travels from one country to another. Mama bird works hard, but does not travel to another country. Little birdie comes back from school and stays with other little ones in day care so that Mama feels safe and can concentrate on work. They all are happy working hard, so that twice a year all three can fly to a far away land and have a great holiday.

Little Birdies these days are smart and intelligent. They are focused and they know for every comfort there is a price,... and no alternative for hard work.


Dee said...

beautiful analogy :)

Sandeepa said...

That was a great story :) and where did the little birdies fly away for their summer hols ?

Bong Working Mom said...

Thank you Dee :)

Thank you Sandeepa... This summer holidays have been like never before. So the birdies took short breaks rather than long weekends. Papa birdie is traveling across globe, one week in Italy, next in Mumbai, third in Delhi, fourth in US, 5th in Kolkata, 6th again in Italy.... So Mama and little Birdie visited Mumbai on a long weekend and met up with Sister and her little tweety birdie. When Papa birdie was in Delhi, drove down to Agra and Fatehpur Sikri and come next week things are worse. Mama bird has to be in Singapore, while Papa bird is back from US tonight. So Monday morning little birdie flies to Kolkata with Papa bird to meet G parents of both sides, while at night Mama leaves for Singapore. Friday, Mama reaches Kolkata and on Sunday Mama and little birdie are back in Delhi by morning. Funniest is Papa bird might also reach by evening to catch night flight to Italy..... so the complicated mesh of air travels, sectors, time zones fill our lives...but we are ticking and alive.

Trishna said...

:) sweet!

Pragyan said...

That's so cute!