Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Theme for June: Great Summer Experiences for the family

June is always a strange month -- the heat slows you down, but your social life tends to get rather crowded (picnics, trips out of town, camp plans for kids...) and it's sometimes easy to miss out on the pleasure of just vegging out in the summer. Tell us how you plan for summer - what do you do over the warm months (except for those in the antipodes!) to make sure you and the kids have a fun but inspiring time out of school. Do you opt for summer camps, in which case at what age do you start, and for how long do you go? If it's travel, what are the most child-friendly places you've been? etc.

In our case, we've been suffering a very hot turn of events in NYC - the kids were exhausted with the 96° F temperatures. We spent time in the park with friends, and the sprinklers and bubbles proved popular, but we're definitely planning on more days indoors!! July brings a couple of weeks in South America. I'll keep you posted on how that goes. I personally took a trip down memory lane with a visit to Oxford, and I think taking a couple of days to be with yourself in a fun, soothing environment did wonders for my spirit. The five days by myself at the reunion (where I spoke, we all hung out and chatted about life, etc.) really recharged my batteries. Try it some time -- I was lucky to have my parents visiting, so that I didn't worry about the kids at all (and hubby is great with them anyway!) I'm able to plan their summer better thanks to the breathing room I gave myself!

Share your best and worst summer experiences, lessons learned, and advice!


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Why "The Saffron Patch?" said...

Amen Sista..the Big Apple was brutal to us wasnt it? It seems like the days are filled with Birthday parties, reconnecting with friends, making sure the kids get some vitamin D from the sunlight.

We pay hommage to our little slice of Heaven on Hilton head Island...its family friendly and gets us away from the madness.

But most of all I am the type of person that has to stay busy, and sane...the kids keep me on my toes..which always makes me wonder....what the heck DID I really do sans kids?

From "The Saffron Patch"

Spicy Mama