Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids Crafts: Dragon Puppet

The Year of the Ox
is here!

kids craft dragon puppet chinese new year ox 2009

And, to commemorate it, Ana and I made a little craft project over the weekend.

[Also posted here]

Materials used: Card stock paper for head and tail, construction paper for accordion-folded body, two bamboo skewers (or straws or even long Popsicle sticks if preferred), craft glue or cello tape, color markers or paints or crayons or glitter glue to decorate the dragon

The idea is not original, of course. I was looking around for activities to do with Ana and came upon various versions of this project on the web and decided to give it a try.

Ana decided it had to be a girl dragon and didn't like any of the elongated reptilian head I came up with, so, we went with a jolly-looking round-faced dragon with a weird pout and pointy ears/horns :)

Next time, we probably will try to make the dragon fancier - maybe glue glitter and tissue paper to make shiny scales, and probably try a more traditional-looking face...

  1. make a head and a face from the card stock paper, and decorate it as you please
  2. fold along the long edge and cut the construction paper; make a fan fold or accordion fold with both the pieces and glue them together to form a long accordion body
  3. glue the head, body and tail appropriately
  4. glue the straws or Popsicle sticks or bamboo skewers one at the head and one at the tail to hold it up and make it dance

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Asha said...

Oh, that's so creative and appropriate for the Chinese new year. I bet you all had fun making those! Enjoy!! :))