Monday, February 16, 2009

Co-sleeping and loving it

Sandeepa's recent post about Co-sleeping is really close to my heart.And I decided that its about time,I wrote a post on DMC.
But before that,let me tell you where I had disappeared. Sometime in late September,we moved to Australia.The whole move and things happenning around that time,turned me into a lazy blogger.I was still blogging mentally,just didn't take the time to type and publish.
During and after this move my daughter,Aadya,moved into our bed and from the looks of it,it seems like she is there to stay.The first few days,we were sleeping lightly for the fear of crushing her.DH would wake up,confused every night,asking,if Aadya was OK.Now,we are used to her little warm body,snuggled up between us,head resting on one's pillow and the legs on the other one's stomach.
I never had a strong opinion about co-sleeping.But,as a rule,always put Aadya to sleep in her crib.Even when she had trouble falling asleep,we would rock her,cuddle up with her on our bed and put her back in her crib.But once she moved into our bed,she just refused to sleep on her own.Staying up till we went to bed.We were still settling in,and didn't have a separate bed for her.So,we would just let her be,going to bed early. One day suddenly,she didnt want to cuddle.All she wanted to do was hold my hand and I was just supposed to lie still.And she dozed off,holding my hand.And after,falling asleep,my hand dropped out of her tiny fist.
By the time,we went to bed,she had moved to the corner and we let her sleep there.DH slept peacefully that day-he didn't miss the kicks.Aadya slept longer next morning.Me?I spent most of the night,tossing and turning-I missed the little one's ,almost strangling tight cuddles.The next night,Aadya was back in the middle and I slept happily :)
We are moving to a bigger house now and the plan is to move her to a different room.I know it is the wise thing to do.She needs her own bed..we need space in our own bed...We have started looking at furniture,but moving her to the other room,just seems like a big step..almost like severing the umblical cord.Aadya may or may not mind the move so much..but I will surely miss her warm body next to me :(
If you sane mommies,have any tips for making the move easier on both of us,please share.


Asha said...

Glad that you are settled in Aus now and blogging again! :)

My kid always slept towards the wall with a pillow so she doesn't hit the hard wall and other side was me. My husband never had to deal with that pleasure! :D

After she is 2 1/2 yrs+ she went to her own room. Enjoy Aadya! :)

Sandeepa said...

Oh so that is where you are !!! Was wondering where you were.

Have a great summer or it autumn now:)