Monday, March 9, 2009

An Intro..

Hello everyone,
This has been long due now. I became a member of this club around 2 weeks back and only getting to post this intro now. My name is Bhagyashri and my daughter will be 2 yrs old this May. To tell you something about S, she is a tremendously active child, so much so that she doesnt want to sleep or even lie down even when she is very very tired. Is there a 'touch wood' button here somewhere, because although it becomes a bit hectic for me, I want her to be active at the same time. More about her in subsequent posts.

I first came across Desi Momz Club while browsing through some food blogs. After following the blog for quite some time I found quite a few posts exactly reflecting my feelings and thoughts about various topics including parenting, food & nutrition for kids etc.  I am sure there will be many more such contributions from members (& me too!) through which I will be able to answer a lot of my own questions regarding the upbringing of S. 

And most imporatantly, I feel that this is a place where I can meet other Moms and share the anxiety, anguish, tension and also the happiness, excitement & pride involved in being a parent, more so a Mom.


Shruthi said...

My daughter will turn 2 this May too, and she is just as active as your daughter sounds :)

Welcome to DMC!

newborncare... said...

don t worry unless baby is taking proper feeds,it is passing urine and stool in time and weight gain is proper...Sometimes mother feels that there baby sleeps very less otherway some mothers complains more sleep so don t worry...there is reversal of sleep pattern normally till first ten months they sleep more in the morning and less in the night