Friday, March 6, 2009

Kids Libraries

If you are in Bangalore, India, Choxbox has some libraries researched for your kids via this link Citizen Matters

  • Out of The Box, J.P.Nagar
  • I-Cue, J.P.Nagar
  • MyMitra Children's Library, Jayanagar
  • Hippocampus, Koramangala
  • Easy Library, Koramangala
  • Mindgym, Off Sarjapur Road
If you are in India, please leave a comment with news and views about good libraries in your town/city/area/village


Asha said...

Oh really! That is great news.
When we were living in Jayanagar 9th block, there was not one library nearby! We had to pay a monthly fee and get mags and books out of somebody's "garage" library!! Glad kids have access to these books, good to hear that! :)

Aparna said...

I've been a member of this lending library - easylib - - for some time now. It is very convenient and reliable.

The USP - they deliver home the books (anywhere in Bangalore city) for a nominal charge of 15/- per trip. You can choose the books online (from their sorted catalogue). Borrowal charge is 10% of the book price. They require a one-time intial deposit and a monthly payment of 100/-. We utilize the monthly charge fully - usually borrowing for more than a 100/- per month.

They have a wonderful collection of books for small children (board books), young readers, older children and adults (fiction and non-fiction).

The best part is you can recommend a book online and get it alloted to you as soon as it is bought. Thats how I read the latest Harry Potter, White Tiger and many other books :).

And all this without visiting them even once. Everything gets done over the internet.

Thought I'd share this very pleasant experience with you!

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Aparna, this is great info. I will update the post

sushilover said...

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