Monday, March 2, 2009

March is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month...

...on the Mommy Blogosphere.

Through this month, earnest Mommy Bloggers will research and put up posts relating to Learning Disabilities and issues relating to these that affect children.
Do stop by whereever you see our badge up for posts on this topic. (Thank you Dotmom for the lovely badge!)

Desi Momz Club will have an end of the month round up of all these posts. The first one is already up at Emotionallyhighstrung.
The second is up here at Winkiesways
As more posts come up, I will add the links right here. Do read, comment and spread the word.
(Posted by karmickids)


Asha said...

Looking forward to read all the posts, although I don't have much to add in this subject.

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Kiran, this will surely be an eye opener

Lak said...

Thanks Sandeepa, for putting up the excerpt and the link. This article was hastily posted. I'll try to do a better job next time. And i am one of those parents who are pretty serious in creating awareness about LDs. I'll do my homework and try coming up with a good post next time. Thanx for spreading the word.
Together we can spread the awareness, especially among the Indian folks.