Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Kid is Reading

Your child starts reading, now you better stop.

Your child has started reading, now she is reading books, she can read an entire book by herself, you are one proud Mom or Dad, you have a feeling of déjà vu BUT wait don't get too elated. There is a downside to this whole thing which might not have crossed your mind when you were desperately trying to teach her the difference between "C" in Cinderella and "C" in Cat.

Pros of Reading:

  • The child can read, reading is definitely a good habit, being a voracious reader myself I don't have enough words to say how reading can change one's life.
  • You no longer have to read your child a bed time story and so can utilize that time for better things like maybe blogging
  • If the older one reads, you might just get away reading a bed time story to the younger one. Yeah, delegate and so now the older one reads to the younger one. Yippeee!!!
  • Your child can now read road signs and give you directions from the back seat.

Cons of Reading (not to be taken seriously) :

  • You no longer can read whatever you want. If you are the kind of person who has hoity-toity coffee table books and cheap romantic trash in the bedroom, your life is doomed. You wouldn't like it if your 5 year old picks up one of those and reads a page aloud...ahem
  • You can no longer take her and roam freely through all aisles of the Super Store, you never know what might spring up. I suggest keep away from aisles labeled "Feminine Hygiene" and such
  • You can no longer write a blog where you exaggerate and basically write stuff which might not be exactly true to life, small deviations like "I made Chicken Curry yesterday" might make her comment, "No, you did not make it yesterday, it was 2 days back"
  • She peers over your shoulder while you type and suggests that you put her stuff on the blog too, so your personal space is no longer yours now.

Since Big Sis S started reading fluently a year back, I have to be more careful around her at home. More than her own books, she is interested in reading my e-mail or the bills or even Toys R Us fliers and at times my blog. She does read to her sis, which is a good thing though


We also used up our time last snow day by making a book, nothing fancy, something a child can do on her own. I cut up some of her old daily sheets (we reuse all such papers by using them for printing, drawing, writing etc.) and she made a book with a story and illustration. Served with some cookies she helped to make. Next on line, she wants to make a book about her little sis.

On another note, to get your kids interested in reading try these

  • Start early (as in once they recognize alphabets) and ask her to read out aloud and sound out letters when you are at the store, on the road where ever
  • Get those fridge letter magnets and form words with them which she can read. This can be done any time, all the time.
  • You need to read to at least initiate her interest. If you don't have any books at home or a reading atmosphere, and ask her to sit and read that won't help a whole lot. Once she is into it, go watch your TV
  • Go to the library or the bookstore and spend time browsing, borrowing, reading.
  • Ask her to read and write your grocery list to show how reading is incorporated in daily life. She will get a kick out of writing and reading simple words like Milk, Egg etc.
  • Ask her to read instructions of her new game, the card she has received, her school calendar which shows the "pizza day"
  • And again each child will read, write, do whatever at their own pace, don't rush and be patient.

Do you have any ideas to share about how to get kids interested in reading ?

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Happy Holi and Happy Reading !!!


Asha said...

Great post! Have I told you that Trisha's first "read" was "M" sign at Mickey D's? ;D

Tushar's was "Home Deepot" while passing by Home Depot!

Enjoy her reading.

DON'T avoid "Feminine Hygiene" or any other isle? Let her see and ask q's. You answer her at a age appropriate way. I never hide anything from kids. I have always been open, have told them the truth, showed pictures of reproductive stuff and how and what to avoid when the time comes. Believe me!! They do listen even if they pretend otherwise!:)

I was a tomboy and my mother never bothered to talk to me about anything. One day at 13, when that time came, I thought I was dying and ran into the plantation and it took 3 uncles and 2 aunts hrs to find me hiding in the gutter! True story and I never found it funny. Lesson learnt what NOT to do with my own kids!

I have this great book with gorgeous pics about the body up to the child birth, explained in medical terms.

"A child is Born" by Lennart Nilsson.

bhagyashri said...

Nice post! And I agree with Asha here about talking to the kids about certain topics at the right time. But the problem is when they start asking questions (awkward ones) when least expected. S thinks my sanitary napkin is a diaper and declares so every time she catches a glimpse of it ("Mummy cha Diaper!!). I am never sure when she might blurt out something of that sort in front of some one else! And come to think of it, she isnt even 2 yrs old yet! Maybe I should do a similar post about what happens when the kids start talking on their own :))

I am already nervous about what lies in store for me when she grows up a bit more :)

Sandeepa said...

You are so right but again just like Bhagyashri said I am not sure when to tell the right answer.
The other day we were flicking channels and there was this ong from Billu Barber on one. Had the word "sexy" in it, now many songs have that word but this particular one caught S's attention

She tells me "There is no word "sixee""
I didn't want to avoid and said yes there is such a word and in the song it means beautiful

What else could I have said ?

Sogno said...

Great post, Sandeepa! My 4 year old is starting to read and it is exciting to hear him trying to read longer and complex words (though they dont make sense, most of the times)....jut wondering..how old is Big Sis S?

Preeti said...

Reading is always a good thing ... the earlier the better. I have been trying to get my 5 yr read which is just not happening :( She just doesn't show any interest. Gosh ... I have bunch of books from library to get her interest ... Can I ask how did you start your kid to read ... to me right now its an unattainable task :( Any pointers from your side?

Suma Rajesh said...

nice reading ur post..

Sandeepa said...


Big Sis S just turned 5

Don't sweat over it. Maybe spend some time in the library with her, she will see more kids reading and might get interested. If she doesn't want to read, just read to her instead.

bird's eye view said...

Sandeepa - very funny :). One of the games we played to get chubbocks into reading was that on his doodle pro, I'd write a note for him, and he was to read it and write back a reply. Also used to leave a note for him at home for when he came home from school, and he was supposed to write back