Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

This has been a topic dear to my heart, as any of you who follows Karmickids might know, the brat has issues with learning. While they are not specifically any learning disability related, there is definitely the issue of PPD/NOS that has impinged on his learning skills, and slowly but steadily I have been working with him to get him on a level that he can cope albeit tenuously with the rest of the class, and the rather punishing syllabus they seem to have in schools these days.
Therefore, when I broached the idea of a month devoted to spreading information about learning disabilities on the mommy blogosphere amongst few mommies I knew would have the inclination to take time out from their daily routines, and spend time researching the topic, I wasnt prepared for the overwhelming support I got. So here, first, is the thank you. A huge thank you to each and everyone of you who agreed to be part of this month. And a special thank you to DotMom for creating us a wonderful badge.
Here, in no particular order, are the posts on issues relating to Learning Disabilities from the mommy blogosphere.
Disclaimer: Some of these posts are compiled through online research and none claim to be conclusive. None of the mommies who have written for this Awareness month have a medical background in the topic (although some might have personal experience in dealing with a child), and therefore, if anything written seems to ring a warning bell, please do consult a medical professional for appropriate assessment and guidance.

Tharini of Winkiesways wrote on Types of Learning Disabilities, a post that is crossposted on DMC.

Lak concentrated on the self esteem issues faced by a child with learning disabilities in her post.

I wrote on how important it is for parents to work with the child towards dealing with Learning Disabilities. I wrote partly from my personal experience. And partly through net research.
Itchingtowriteblogs wrote on Unlearning Learning Disabilities.

(The operative word, and what Priya also mentioned, and what I also firmly believe in, is early intervention. Use your instincts as a mother and get help for your child the moment you feel there is an issue. Speaking from my experience, I kept getting told that boys speak later, and I was making an issue of a non issue, but my gut instinct that my child did not respond like other children had me making the rounds of pediatric neurologists from 18 months to find out what was wrong with him. And the brat started speech and occupational therapy at 19 months. Early intervention, I cannot stress enough, is the key.)

Ceekay, the dear, gave us two posts on ADHD and on a very important topic, namely that of Being an Advocate for your child. I feel the second topic is vital for parents who deal with educationists who insist on slotting children into categories, and neglecting children they feel dont make the grade. You have to push for your child, and by that I dont mean you need to be a Momzilla, but you need to work with your child's teachers to bring out the best in your child and make sure your child gets the opportunities he or she deserves.

Sue drew on her personal experience with her brother to talk about the stress examinations cause. And the bitter truth that the examination system often doesnt account for intelligence.

Priyainsuburbia talks about how she and her daughter have come a long way, drawing on her experiences with her daughter's speech and language delay. A post that really touched my heart, seeing as the brat was also struggling to speak full relevant sentences till age 3 and a half. Now of course, he doesn't shut up.

There are a couple of more posts scheduled, and we will update this list when they come up.
I do hope this month has been educative and informative to all the blog mommies. Do write back with your feedback.


Thiru said...

Hi there... I thought of replying to these wonderful and informative posts, but couldn't find time.. Anyway, I'll do in the near future... I just wanted to recommend this book titled "Embracing the Monster" written by Veronica Crawford. One of the most inspiring stories I've ever read... This book is all about her real life experiences with multiple developmental disabilities including LD and published by Brookes Publishing Co. Check out this link:

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Kiran for the round up