Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kids Art: Rubber Cement Masking

kids art watercolor masking with rubber cement

Thanks to Winter Break, we had a lot of time to try different art projects. My primary aim has always been to expose my 4½ year old to the tools and techniques available these days and to allow for her creative energy to find a release.

Continuing our study of masking, we tried the Rubber Cement masking technique.

Rubber Cement comes in a nice little container with its own brush. Its gummy texture is such that it can be dribbled over the paper by holding the loaded brush in the air and swirling it about. Of course, it can also be 'painted on' with the brush. Ana tried both techniques to understand that whereas one requires more control but forms nice curly lines, the other creates blobs.

I like rubber cement for certain applications. It's texture and the fact that it can be removed easily after it dries makes it an interesting material to play with.

Items Used: Watercolor paper, Rubber Cement, Tempera paints diluted in water (we were running low on watercolors), paint brush.

rubber cement masking with watercolors kids art

  1. Apply the rubber cement on the watercolor paper in any arbitrary pattern.
  2. Allow to dry. We placed it by the heating vent to speed it up - took about 5 to 10 minutes depending on how thick the application is.
  3. Then, paint over the dried rubber cement using favorite watercolors or diluted tempera paints. Allow to dry completely.
  4. Then, either using the fingers or a pencil eraser simply rub the rubber cement off. It peels off easily, leaving the white of the paper that it masked.

As always, my 4½ yr-old decided to make a few as she experimented with the technique and tried it to her satisfaction.

rubber cement masking with watercolors kids art

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MindfulMeanderer said...

Awesome craft ideas!! :)
I havea few craft ideas for kids at my blog too.. Do drop in once!

Haddock said...

Really creative.
I can imagine how a child gets engrossed in this.

coloring pages said...

Thanks a lot for posting. You have helped me get an idea on what to do as a project for my kids this summer. We haven't tried this one as a big project though. I have seen forums discussing different forms of art. I would be able to help enhance my kids' arts skills.

Gabi Cooper said...

Wow, this one is appealing; we will give it a go! Thanks for sharing.