Friday, March 11, 2011

A "normal" child (Previously posted on my blog)

Last week at a parents teachers meeting, a lady sitting next to me was telling me how she was worried to death that her 5 year old daughter has not shown any signs of being a" maths whiz kid" even after a month of rigorous abacus classes . The poor lady was spending sleepless nights trying to convince herself that this was"normal". While i sympathise with her wholeheartedly ( i believe that to each parent his/her own..after all its their child!!!!) it set me thinking as to what would be the things which i would worry about in the case of my son(although only illness has the power to give me sleepless nights..i can sleep through a storm ;duly certified by my husband)
I would worry if my 5 year old son(as of now)
  • did not give me bear hugs and slurpy kisses after coming home from school
  • did not pester me to play with my maid's child as he pesters me to play with my neighbour's child
  • did not believe that "Ben 10" and "chotabheem" can do "anything"
  • did not daydream
  • did not have friends
  • did not think his amma and achan knows answers to "everything" (hopefully this phase will last for some more months..its such a ego booster!!!!)
  • did not feel like"having something to eat" throughout the day
  • did not know how to "live in the moment"
and most of all..
did not feel happy "just being nachikaet"!!!
Lets hope i can worry about the same things when he brings me(god forbid) a C minus maths report card!!!!

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Sogno said...

Well put!! It is scary to be with suc uber-competetive tiger moms....makes me feel so imcompetent sometimes! thanks for the post :) and good luck.