Saturday, July 16, 2011

A letter to my son (previously posted on my blog mom-of-all-trades)

Dearest  Kanna,
                     Next month you turn six.I am writing this little note for you to  read, when you are old enough to understand what I have written..may be its in a years time maybe ten..the time really doesn't matter...
I want you to understand and hopefully remember, the lovely relationship we had for these past 6 years. Isn't it ironic that we humans can remember very little of the first few years of our life when we our most loved and cherished!!!!                  

We will never be as close to each other as we have been these last six years...we've had a lot of lovely moments together. Now as you enter a new phase of life I can see your baby features melt into some thing more mature..but every bit as adorable. You are growing into a sensitive and loving person and for that I''m thankful to god....for there is only so much a mother can do; the rest of it she just has to keep her fingers crossed!!!
Your occasional temper tantrums still continue to worry me ...well I guess we'll have to just work harder on that one.
 I know we may opt for different paths in our journey together, but I  promise to let you choose your own path.(though I will be following at a safe distance..I'm still your mother!!!!) I also know that having to let go of your hand from my safe clasp, will be more difficult for me than for you..but I promise to try my best, for your sake.
What are my dreams for you? My dream is that you be able to
                                                                   " think deeply, speak gently
                                                                     love much, laugh often
                                                                     work hard , give freely
                                                                     pay promptly and be kind"       
My dream is to see you grow into a happy, healthy contented person..happy at "just being Nachikaet"..exactly as your are on your sixth  birthday!!!!
I feel truly blessed to have you in my life...may god bless you always.
For amma, you will always be that little bundle of unimaginable joy that the doctor placed in my arms..six years ago.
Love and love always,


Aparna said...

Superb. Even I have a 6 yr old kid. I can relate to your feelings.

Suresh Kanna said...

wonderful. just happen to pass by and could not stop reading once I started :)

will wait for him to write you a response when he turns 12 hehe..

anyways I was planning to spam you about my site do check it out. let me know if u like it.

~~Coca Moca~~ said...

Aw Anupama, this is sooo pretty. I am sure your kid will cherish this for the rest of his life. He will understand a piece of this in his every "next" phase. Beautifully written words of wisdom and much love for him. I am so deeply moved and am trying to imagine how you feel, it must feel lovely. I am celebrating my 2nd month marriage anniversary tomorrow and soon wanna experience this myself. Enjoy your motherhood :)

Islam said...

Thank your for sharing
Messenger of Allah

Jitendra Kumar Sahoo said...

Nice one.

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Shweta Agrawal said...

1st time here..No not a mom yet but hope so soon:)
Such a lovely idea to write a letter and so many beautiful words:) I have wet eyes now:)

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